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  • stummped

    good morning. i have a question for you all. i have 3.5 mr1 ph10 w/ tp20. i need to know if i can change my tip during the middle of my program. i do not have a probe changer. i am using a star probe but will need to change to a 3mmx50mm probe in the middle of my program. is there anything special i need to do, or can it be done. i hate to have to have 2 programs for 1 part. will i need to qualify the tip in program or before. im stummped. thanks in advance for any responses.

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    I qualify all tips/probes in advance. The machine will prompt you to load the new probe when it gets to that portion of the program that requires a different tip.
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      would i have to add a new probe file at the point that i need to change the tip?


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        Yes you can do this without a problem if you have a TP20 and two modules. Build each tip on a module. Calibrate each making sure you calibrate the AOBO 1st for each tip. When you get to the point in your program you want to change tip, use move points to move the quill to the from of the table then select the tip you want to change to from the "probes" pulldown window at the top of the pc-dmis screen. Then disable the probe at the jogbox and switch the modules.

        When you execute the program it will move to the front and a box will pop up saying, "Please load 3x50" or whatever you have that tip named. HTH

        Note: If you have a tp2 or only 1 module, you will have to calibrate the second tip in the middle of the program before going on. The modules for the tp20, tp200, etc are magnetic repeatable connections, but anytime you unscrew any part of a tip build you have lost calibration and must recalibrate.
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          Originally posted by Kevin Watts View Post
          would i have to add a new probe file at the point that i need to change the tip?
          The probe file should already be in your directory. You will have to call up the probe you are switching too. There are 5 white boxes at the top of the screen, "viewset", "alignment", "probes", "tip angle", &"workplane" they all have an arrow on the right side that opens a "pulldown" window from which you can select other options. In the "probes" window you can call up any probe defined in your probe directory. HTH
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            thanks i think i got it now.


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