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  • Hi-Tech Redneck
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    Thanks Much, Neil

  • neil.challinor
    Depends if it's circular runout (single diagonally sloping arrow symbol) or total runout (two diagonally sloping arrows joined by a horizontal line at the base). If it's circular then the hits need to be in circular cross sections so either the default strategy or the concentric circle scan strategy would be the correct approach. If it's total runout then it's looking at all of the hits as a collection so the strategy is not as important - any difference in results between different strategies for total runout should be explainable by the fact that you're probing different locations on the surface.

    For the help file - open the auto cylinder dialog and hit F1 to bring up the help for an auto feature. You should be able to click on some of the images or links to navigate to the adaptive scanning strategies from there - I don't have 2011 installed and haven't used it for a while so I'm going from memory.

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  • Hi-Tech Redneck
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    Measurement Strategies

    Not sure what version this started, I have 2011 MR1. I've looked in the HELP file and haven't found what I'm looking for. Maybe I just haven't searched the correct term yet.

    But, in the autofeature tab, auto-cylinder to be precise, there is a "Measurement Strategies" tab. In this pulldown there is the default PCDMIS measurement strategy and multiple scan strategies. I'm interested in learning the difference between the scan strategies if someone could direct me to the section of the HELP file I need. Or more precisely just tell me the difference between the "Cylinder Concentric Circle Scan Strategy" and the "Cylinder Spiral Scan Strategy" and when either would be applied.

    I understand the execution is different, one is a continuous scan and one is separate circles, just wondering when one should be used over the other. The different methods yield different runout results and just want to be sure I'm using the appropriate one.


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