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    I am looking for a way to create a circle or cylinder using points with the paste with pattern function. I use a lot of dedicated fixtureing and auto circles are a bit cumbersome because of the obstructions with the fixture so I have to delete points, insert move points etc. I haven’t found a way to do a paste with pattern on an OD/ID without doing a lot of math. I need the vectors and CAD nominals to be correct so getting close and letting the probe find the part isn’t good enough.

    Any thoughts?

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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question but they way I do it is place the first point. Then edit the pattern with the desired angle and number of offsets. Then copy the point and paste with pattern.
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      1) Move your origin to the nominal center of your circle/ cylinder.
      2) Take your first point
      3) Copy point
      4) Set up your pattern using an angular displacement.
      5) Paste with pattern
      6) Edit as required. Clear Plane/ Clear Cube/ Avoidance Move or Move Point(s)
      7) Construct circle/ cylinder from points.
      8) Either recall your previous alignment or delete the alignment that moved the origin to nominal center.

      May need to do steps 3 thru 6 multiple times if you need to avoid stuff.


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        kingsld1 +1

        When I am lazy I also sometimes make a circle at the right location with the same amount of points as the bolt pattern and the same diameter as the bolt pattern then create the circle To Points then change those created points to circles and fix the vectors and diameters and such

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          Spend $4.99 on your Phone and buy Machinist Calculator. This comes in handy for you if your lazy, (why I bought it) Any ways there is a bolt circle in the app that makes this thing easy for you. click on that Red bullseye enter how many circles, the second bullseye, how big the bolt circle diameter, hit calculate and voila




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            At $5 per sale, I wish that I had thought of developing that app...

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