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  • Dual Core Processor Upgrade

    Does anyone know if PC-DMIS is a multi-threading application? In other words, will PC-DMIS take advantage of a multi-core processor, like dual or quad?

    I have one program for a large part with multiple surface and line scans. Each has an analysis view and I print the whole report to PDF. Well, this process after each run taxes the PC to the point where it crashes from time to time and the information is lost.

    I was questioning if the dual core processor would help or if the whole PC needed to be replaced with a new one.

    The PC is a HP workstation xw4200.
    Intel 2.8Ghz singlecore proc.
    2 gig of ram
    Nvidia Quadro FX1300
    XP Pro SP2
    Gray color (don't know if this helps or hurts )
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    If this is such a large program your biggest problem may be memory. For really large CAD files you may need 4 gig or more. Pc-dmis is a resource hog, so the more muscle you put behind it, the less it will crash. I do not know if a duo or quad core will help any beyond being newer and slightly faster in raw specs. HTH
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      It's not that the program and CAD file are really that big. I think the PC gets over whelmed when printing the pdfs. And I think that is a processor heavy process.
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        Single threaded.

        Dell Precision 670
        Intel Xeon Dual CPU 3.2GHz
        2GB RAM


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          Yeah, I just got a call from Tech Support and they told me the same thing.
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            I don't know what "Gray Color" means but you can try to run XP in "Best Performance Mode" which makes the OS use less memory. Have you installed the MS HotFix for the resource leaks introduced by SP2. This is strongly recomended if NOT running with "Best Performance".


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              Gray color is the color of the PC case.(humor)

              It is in Best Performance mode but I have not installed the hotfix. I will be doing this after lunch. I hope this helps.
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