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  • Auto Calibration Avoidance Z Axis


    I'm trying to learn pcdmis 2012. couple weeks ago we hard reset the software. Before that, when an angle finishes the calibration it was avoiding from sphere (at +Z Axis) and continue calibration.
    Now it doesnt avoid and probe almost hits the probe changer rack so i hit emergency button and caibrate every angle one by one.
    How can i set the avoidance or clearence (i dont know how to call it) at Z axis so i can calibrate multiple angles?

    Thanks in advence

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    Sounds like your machine needs to know exactly where your calibration sphere is, as well as your probe rack.

    First and foremost, make sure your calibration sphere is built correctly in the system. Next, just simply recalibrate the probe rack and tell the machine exactly where it is.


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      denizborekci , go to OPERATION>CALIBRATE/EDIT>ACTIVE PROBE and then click the SETUP tab. The value you need to change is the clearance distance along the tool shank vector for none continuous wrists. It defaults to 3.5" / 88.9mm
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      • denizborekci
        denizborekci commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you very much! It works like a charm

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