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  • Odd Profile Question

    We got a new inspection job, and the customer has requested that we measure the profile of the mating surfaces. What has me confused is the absence of Datum and Feature Control Frame call-outs. They've got 36 separate "zones" referenced in the print of two different types, so 18 apiece. Easy enough (ha). The hard part is figuring how their 8 fixed points factor into this. I can isolate 'Z1' and 'Z2' and profile those without any constraints without any issue, but I don't know if they want me to reference those 8 fixed points (which are mounting points btw) for the local "zones", all together (not sure if that's possible), or separately. This is my first time seeing a part print without basic GD&T symbols so I'm at a loss.

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    Can you post a snapshot of your print? Are they all on the same planar level?


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      Yeah more detail please. you don't need to post the whole print, maybe just a snapshot of the dimension and a rough sketch of the feature that is being checked.


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        What has me confused is:
        referenced in the print of two different types
        I'm probably wrong - but 'two different types' in itself doesn't seem very GD&T.......


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