Pc-dmis 2020r2 dimensioning issue

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  • Pc-dmis 2020r2 dimensioning issue

    I put 2020R2 on the CMM and started wrote a new program. When I started dimensioning it I found the when I put a true position in it isn't showing on the report. I checked that output is selected to both and other than the dimension name nothing shows on the report. Legacy true position works fine. Any ideas as to what else I can try?
    DeWain Hodge

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    Is it a custom report?


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      Right click on the report and uncheck "Use Text Mode Dimension Reporting". The Geometric Tolerance command in 2020 R2 is like XactMeasure and does not support the older text report format.
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      Rob Jensen
      Product Owner - GD&T
      Metrology Software, Inc. - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence


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        I never had an issue with text only reporting in XactMeasure. I guess that I'll stick to legacy for all my GDT.
        DeWain Hodge


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          Create a Position FCF with multiple features using XactMeasure and you will see what I am referring (text mode will only report 1 feature as shown below).

          Rob Jensen
          Product Owner - GD&T
          Metrology Software, Inc. - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence


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            I'm talking about a single feature true position. This is what I get when I use 2020R2 true position (non-Legacy).

            DeWain Hodge


            • JacobCheverie
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              As bfire85 had asked, are you using a custom report? I experienced this same behavior when I used a custom report template with a modified rule tree. I selected the non-customized TextOnly report template and I saw the dimensions as expected. I had to rebuild my custom report template for Geometric Tolerance commands.

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            The report header is custom, but non-of the dimension templates have been modified.
            DeWain Hodge


            • JacobCheverie
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              Did you copy your report template folder from a previous installation? That may be why you are not seeing the labels associated with the Geometric Tolerance command.

              Take everything from "C:\Program Files\Hexagon\PC-DMIS 2020 R2 64-bit\DefaultReportingTemplateBackup" and Copy/Paste it into "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\2020 R2\Reporting".
              Restart PC-DMIS.
              On the report window, change your report template to TextOnly.rtp.

              I'm curious if you still have your issue if you follow the steps above. You may want to backup your report header label if you've put time into customizing it.

              Also, when you select your report template TextOnly.rtp, make sure it isn't pulling the template from a previous installation's Reporting folder. It needs to be the TextOnly.rtp that came with 2020 R2.
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            • SABarber
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              The header label has nothing to do with the dimension label.

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