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  • One dimension Best-Fit

    I have a complex part that requires a 3D best-fit alignment. It uses 26 angled planes as part of the best-fit. (Think of a diamond shaped part). First question is, should I use the constructed planes in the best-fit or the individual points I used to construct the planes. Is there a difference?

    2nd problem - They are requesting that I add an additional feature (sphere) to the best-fit, but only in the scenario that it helps in one direction. (Z-). If the feature causes the best fit to move in the other direction, they don't want it included. Can I do this by constructing two separate best-fit alignments and using some if-statements? Do you have any other suggestions for a better or easier way to do what I need?

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    You can constrain the bestfit as you wish, which axes to allow transformation and rotation in etc. I believe you can also start with a 3D-bestfit and then do a 2D-bestfit after, just make sure you recall the correct alignment.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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