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  • Software version for Tesa Micro Hite 3D


    Since recently I own a Tesa Micro Hite 3D
    I think it's one of the first versions which doesn't have a full colour screen (it has its own control).
    It's one like this:

    It has a "digitize" option. And if I'm correct it lets you use the serial port to transfer the measured points to a software package.
    But I'm not able to find out which software this is?
    I'm fairly sure it's PCDMINS, but no idea about which version and how to get it?
    It's not the newest machine so I hope I'm able to get the software.

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    Looks like an old reflex system. I've never used one but I believe they were predominantly sold for manual systems and everything was handled by the little LCD panel that functioned as a controller and had some embedded software for basic measurement. Pretty sure it wouldn't be supported any more as it went obsolete about 10 years ago.
    Neil Challinor
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      Thanks for your reply
      Yes it's a Manual system. But they also come in a "teach in" system with motors on the axis.

      I have found a manual and it says this:

      "For information on how to send data to Windows 95, 98, or NT's
      Hyperterminal program or the optional RefleX Scan package"

      If it can give me values through HT it would be great! But the RefleX scan package would be better.
      Wouldn't an old version of PCDMIS work?


      • neil.challinor
        neil.challinor commented
        Editing a comment
        Possibly, but as I said, I've no experience of using that system so it's just a guess.

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      I would do some research on Tesa version 2.0.9B10 (R4506)


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