Perpendicularity when feature has mismatch

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  • Perpendicularity when feature has mismatch

    Figured this out myself after hours of pouring over what I thought was a PC-DMIS problem, just wanted to share in case anyone else is over thinking as I did.

    Inspecting a cylinder with huge mismatch, approx. Ø.100" step. But my perpendicularity was coming out at .005". So I looked for a way to make software report how I thought it should.

    Then it finally dawned on me, perpendicularity is an orientation control. And while my diameter is drastically out of print, the mismatch is approx. centered around the diameter, so the axis (ASME Y14.5 definition of the perpendicularity requirement in this case) is still within requirement.

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    Concentric cylinders should have the same perpendicularity.


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