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  • Transformation

    Does anyone know how to get points back on a model after a model rev change and a new transformation?

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    Are you talking about a change to model geometry (so current points are just off the model)?


    Same geometry but CAD origin is different?
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      at least I wasn't the only one confused with this question.

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    you mean you brought in a new model and the points, disappeared?
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      The model geometry has changed. I know that I can use the update nominals from cad feature. I was just Trying to find a more efficient way of doing this for several points. Possibly a if / end if statement or something like that.


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        Import CAD.
        Graphics Display Window>Point Nominal Deviation...
        Hit "Update"
        Then "Move Checked Features" (Check and uncheck features as needed)
        Then hit OK.

        Note, this does not work with edge points, holes, etc. I can only confirm for sure that I works for vector points.

        Also, if it's a few features, just F9>Edit the feature, and hit the "Find CAD" button (looks like binoculars under the XYZ values). Or, F9 edit, and select your new CAD.

        For holes and edges etc, you will need to use the F9 edit and manually reselect from CAD (or manually input new XYZIJK), as far as I know.
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          Alternatively in F5 setup there's an option FindNominalsDuringExecution.

          New nominals for vector and surface points will be found when executed.

          Run it offline on a copy of the program to see if it picks up the correct nominals.
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