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  • Error

    Hey, does anyone know what this error is? CMM will home without error but right after homing I get this error.

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    This means that a machine parameter exceeds the controller max limit. Typical culprits are manretract and acceleration/speed values but no limited to those.

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      I don't have a program open when I get this error. as soon as I open PC DMIS this error comes up. I can Home the machine and manually move the machine but I can't open a program with the error showing.


      • neil.challinor
        neil.challinor commented
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        You would need to check the parameters in the settings editor. There should be a PCDPARAMS.txt file on the CMM PC that contains all of the information. In the UK, our service engineers put this in C:\autotune but it's location may differ depending on what region you are in and the local Hexagon service teams' preference. If you can't find the file, there may be a USB stick located inside the controller containing the information. Failing that, you would need to contact your local Hexagon support.

      • Peter Fuller
        Peter Fuller commented
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        Niel is correct, if this is happening then it's likely that an acceleration, max speed, or manretract is out of the limits. These are read from settings editor on start.

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