Xact measure position not lining up with its values displayed?

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  • Xact measure position not lining up with its values displayed?

    Good morning,
    Xact measure question here, I have a program and report attached. The final position number is not lining up exactly with the number displayed by the graphic. I.E when I do the position calculation on the calculator with the numbers that PCDMIS is displaying on the report it does not equal what is being reported, in this case its less. Anyone know how this occurred.
    Richard Beyer

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    CYL 1 position in the formula for position yields 0.0138" as the deviation; however, its reported as 0.0144".


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      Axial deviation or perpendicularity
      Jesse Krook


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        These holes get reamed by hand that would make sense they are not perpendicular to the surface.


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          Hi..I am new to PCDMIS...I did manual alignment of a part using 3 planes and also a DCC alignment too with 3 planes.I have to check the part for circle position and dimensions with respect to datum.I am getting different results for circle position when I check the same part next time.Circle dimensions are measured same..why this happens.
          Can any of you guys help me


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