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  • Datum Shift in 2020 R2

    I just updated my PC DMIS to 2020 R2. I see that one of the changes that was made in the transition to "Geometric Tolerance" from "Xactmeasure" was the removal of the datum shift information from the report. While I do understand that information isn't really necessary to report, I do find it helpful for troubleshooting during the programming process. Is there any way for me to see this info when I'm programming?

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    Hi akoiro , there is not currently any way to access the datum shift information but we will consider making it available again in some form if there are enough requests. I recommend logging it on the "suggest features" page (https://hexagonmi.userecho.com/). That way other users can vote for your suggestion and if it gains enough support it will be implemented in a future release.
    Neil Challinor
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      Direct link to the post @ the Idea Center:

      Get in there and vote for it.
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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        Thanks for the replies, I will do that!


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