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    What am I doing wrong? After a full calibration of all the wrist angles on this probe, if I attempt a partial calibration, it fails. Not only does it fail, but it usually stalls out. I did a full calibration following my master probe, and for this probe, I checked DCC+DCC. Then I did a full calibration, again following my master probe, and this time I checked the "reset theos" box. In both cases, when I do the partial calibration, it's a no go. I'm sure it's something simple.

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    Do you mean a bowel movement? Kidding try just DCC instead of DCC+DCC, or maybe even a full reboot.
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      SM-25? Did you do a lower Matrix?
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        Noooo….. Didn't do any lower Matrix, should I? I think I've got some old training material on that. Never did quite understand it. I'll look at it again.

        Thanks Guys.


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          I am almost positive the SM25 does not require or have a lower matrix. I believe a bi-directional scan is used for calibration. Another possibility is if the maximum acceleration speed is set too high you would get this error. I have had this in the past, the error did come up immediately after taking a manual hit with the master (this case I was using an X1H type probe).
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            The low level matrix is not applicable to the SP25 probe. I agree with benj118. The problem is likely related to probe settings/max acceleration or something like that. Double check that your probe setting are correct in parameter settings. See attached screen capture of the SP25 setting I've been using on one of our training CMMs. You can play around with these a bit, but if they stray too far from the optimal settings, you will definitely have problems.

            sp25 settings.png
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              Should we also have the Manual fine probing box checked?


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