Translating CAD part location to Real world part location on CMM.

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  • Translating CAD part location to Real world part location on CMM.

    Now that I have my part transformed correctly according to XYZ I need to located the CAD part according to it's location on the machine. Essentially I want to avoid to the "Move Location Outside of Range" warning.

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    Just make sure you’re inside the machine envelope. You can always setup a virtual machine inside PC-D but it’s too much work when you can just set up your part and go.


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      I have always (mostly) used a manual point at the CMM on the part.
      ALN that point to XYZ origin. (use a pt that logically works and your Trihedron vectors are OK from your model)
      Go to DCC and go to it......
      ALN and prehit/retract and clearplane with generous amount. That gets your part aligned FIRST time. ---> (Level/Rotate/Origin)
      Then let the CMM do it again to precisely align it.
      Off you go.....and season to taste.
      If you have good fixtures and setup images for the operator, once you have done the above, you're able to mask (mark) the manual point and Bob's your uncle.


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        If you're talking about offline, hit the F5 key, select the Part/Machine tab and under "Part Setup" you can adjust the X, Y, & Z offset. I usually use Auto Position and tweak it from there.
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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