Code from Home - Could not communicate with license server.

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  • Code from Home - Could not communicate with license server.


    I am trying to install 2020R1 on my laptop, taking advantage of the CodeFromHome promotion, however I cannot get past the licensing screen, as I keep getting a "Could not communicate with license server" error.

    Following the pinned FAQ, I tried again at different times and in different days, but without any change.
    I triple checked the spelling of the license server, even tried both writing it in and copy-pasting from the FAQ page.

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    The code free from home promotion has ended since it was a temporary offering to help those people affected by lockdown restrictions. We do however, have a new subscription option where you get an offline seat of PC-Dmis CAD++ and all the associated benefits of an SMA for $2500 per year.
    Neil Challinor
    PC-DMIS Product Owner

    T: +44 870 446 2667 (Hexagon UK office)
    E: [email protected]


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      Thank you for letting me know.
      I would suggest removing the stickied thread if this is the case.


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        MBaroni Yeah if ITAR is not an issue I would use teamviewer and just remote in to your work computer.


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