PC-DMIS 2016 keeps crashing

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  • PC-DMIS 2016 keeps crashing

    I have an old program that has been ran hundreds of times. Our customer came out with a new revision and the part is much shorter now. I tried to copy paste code into new program and delete what was needed. I then tried to save the program and PC-DMIS crashed. I tried shelling the original program and repeating and got the same result CRASH. Am I doing something wrong? Is PC-DMIS not liking something I'm trying to do?

    If you need any more information just let me know.


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    Not sure if this will help. Try deleting small sections at a time and save after each delete. Also if you have profile outputs with individual points in the output and you delete some it will sometimes crash on me.
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      Are the sections of code copy and pasted in the same alignment? Myself, I use copy and paste with pattern anytime I copy and paste. Even if nothing changes I'll set everything to zero except for # of times to 1 and use paste with pattern.
      Jesse Krook


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        It seems like PC-DMIS didn't like our stat tranfer from PC to Datapage. Once I turned off the stat tranfer and stat count I was able to delete the features and save with no crash. Weird. Can anyone explain why those would make PCD crash?


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          If you copy and pasted features without a paste with pattern those features are associated to that specific program. There's a lot going on behind the screen/scene that we don't see so I'm guessing (and this is only a rough guess) that PC-DMIS and stats transfer was more than likely trying to still associate those features with the other program that you copy and pasted from which was likely closed so it got all cornfused and didn't know how those features could be running when the program was closed. Could not compute even though it was trying to, in fact trying to compute and figure it out so much so that CRASH happened.

          Just my guess....
          Jesse Krook


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            Gotcha. Thanks man.

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