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  • Read Write vs Operator Mode

    I have a few people here that can only run the Programs in what I would call Operator Mode. They have no read write access. How can I change that?

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    Isn't that the point of operator mode, so they can't edit or modify anything. Operators at my shop run in protected mode. Pcdmis is password protected so they cant change anything. All they can do is open/close programs and hit execute.

    Your people need administrator privileges if they need to create programs.
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    • gcr6251
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      In all honesty, I can't get Admin privileges here. The IT team has everything locked tight. I can't even access the C: Drive. I've been working around this garbage for 4 years.

    • acgarcia
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      Been there before. What ever access you have to create program, your people need the same. U should be able to create program at the actual CMM. Pc-dmis needs to be open in Admin mode to make programs not operator mode. I know where might be a different icon/desktop shortcut specifically for operator mode.

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    Your IT person could set it up like that.We have that and works great.Anyone can open a program in normal mode(full access) but no changes will be saved as You close the program.Only programmer station has those privileges. It's the best way I think .One folder is set up for everyone so they can save any program in it and make changes there.(separate from production folder)


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