M2 Knuckle Joint Probe Definition

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  • M2 Knuckle Joint Probe Definition

    Running a PH10MQ with an 30mm to 8mm converter, TP20, 20mm M2 extension, M2 Knuckle, and a 1X20mm probe.

    When the PH10MQ is at 0,0 I want the 1X20mm probe on the Knuckle to be at 90,180. Cannot figure this out with the probe definition. The 1X20mm probe is always at 0,0. Any help?
    v2010 CAD ++ Global Image 121510

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    If I'm not full of it .. you should be able to click on the knuckle in your probe build up and have a box pop up that will let you do that
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      Or you could lie and tell it you are using a star probe,(instead of a knuckle), with only one tip, # 4, I think. I have done this with great success in the past. If you get it to look correct in the probe build window it will work. HTH
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        T Miller,

        Thanks much. That's it.

        v2010 CAD ++ Global Image 121510


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