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    at my work we just upgraded to pcdmis 2020 r1 and on our previous versions we had the tabs in the graphics display window turned off. ( the ones to switch between cad and laser) we do not have laser capabilities on our cmm and wish to disable the tabs to free up more space on the screen. Any idea on how to enable or disable in my case these tabs?

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    Maybe I'm not reading this correctly. The graphic display window is where you view your CAD, no? You do want to view your CAD? Or you don't want to view the CAD? Could you possibly post a picture so I could better understand? I'm sure some of the more experienced geezers on here will know right away.


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      ThePudds I think he is talking about hiding toolbars in the graphic display window.

      HunterS1103 Right click anywhere in the toolbars at the top of the screen and uncheck the ones you dont want.
      You can also save your window layout when you get it the way you want it with "Window Layouts" Turned on and click the little floppy disk


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        I thought so, but i wasnt sure. That's why I wanted to clarify. Silly me

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        LaserJay that really helped with the window layout. Thanks again for that.

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      Thanks for the input LaserJay I'll look when I get back to work to see if this is how to solve my problem.


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        I don't think it's what he's after.

        If you use a multi-sensor machine (like vision or laser) then you have tabs alomg the bottom of the GDW to switch between standard view and camera view.

        AFAIK these are controlled by the license, perhaps they've got your license details wrong in the update?
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          NinjaBadger yeah you are correct that isn't what I was looking for. It must be part of the licensing we cant find a way to remove it unless its hidden and im just looking for the wrong thing.


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