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  • Cone construction vector question

    So I'm trying to construct a cone and the vectors aren't working correctly.

    So to start I made my first cone and copied the three points I needed at the side and take them individually, copying the vectors and locations.
    Then I take my second cone and copy the points.

    Then comes my problem.

    The six points to construct a cone are perpendicular to my actual cone.

    I have tried in construct a cone to no avail. I have tried all vectors but it keeps trying to place my circle as a 3 diameter(about the height of my points) instead of 268 diameter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I wonder if you changed the selection order for of the points if that would make a difference?


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      I tried that as well unfortunately. I took the points as I had read them(not taken) and tried that reading clockwise, then up, counterclockwise then up, and then clockwise. The result was still the same. I appreciate the thought though.


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        If I understand you correctly, you are taking a 3 hits at 2 levels for a total of 6 hits. Is this correct?

        1. Have you tried adding more points?

        2. Have you tried constructing a circle from your first 3 hits and constructing another circle from the last 3 hits and then constructing a cone from those 2 constructed circles? Cylinders and cones seem to construct better from circles than they do from points in my experience


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          It is actually 2 hits at 3 levels, which may in lie the problem now that I think about it. I will try to add the additional points and see what that does when I get back to the CMM. Thank you for the feedback.


          • DAN_M
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            Mathematically speaking, a cone requires 3 hits per level and a min of 2 levels.

            In PCD, I always use AT LEAST 3 levels and AT LEAST 5 hits per level. Using less has given me less accurate answers then I would have wanted.

            Construction order selection for points being made into a cone DOES matter for PCD. I don't understand the rules entirely. What I CAN tell you is that I commonly make 3 points along the X axis, will copy & paste them with pattern 7X 45°, and will click the points that get created all in order from top to bottom of the list to create the cone, and it works just fine.
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