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    I have two questions:
    Before I start, I will say what system I am using:
    PC_Dmis version 2019 R2, Global CMM, Renishaw TP200 and TP20, No scanning, just touch probing (vector points)

    1. In the past I have tried to read in a STL file. This worked, but either the product was HUGE, or the CMM was Huge. In the conversion from STL to PC_Dmis something went wrong.
    Am I doing something wrong??
    I tried in mm's and also in inches, but no luck.

    2. Ever though the product was huge, I just tried to "Click"on the product to product a vector point. The system could not product a vector point.
    Is a STL file only used for scanning??

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    Maybe the file is Compressed, This is just a shot in the dark. Maybe Right click on the file, before bringing it in, choose 7-Zip/ Extract Here see if it creates another file, I have had some problems with my STEP files. This fixes it for me.

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      I have not had good luck with the rendering of STL files, they were choppy and not well formed as well as format conversion off (size). Can you get the files converted to a step (.stp) or IGES (.igs) bot of these formats have worked well most of the time with the PC-DMIS CAD converter for us.


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        I have tested one of my STL files. It loads in 2019R2 and I can create a vector point. I used the auto vector dialog and quick features.

        What I have noticed is the STL file, I used, does not indicate the units. So a mm routine had a part 15mm wide. An inch routine was 15 inches. I open the stl file in wordpad and it does not contain unit info.

        If the native file does not indicate the units. We use the measurement routine units. This is by design.

        I you would like to reach me [email protected] I would like to try your file, if possible.


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          Hello Guys,

          Thanks for the tips.
          I have just got a STL file from our engineering dept.
          The edges, radii are a bit choppy, but the general view looks OK.
          The relationship between CMM and product looks realistic.

          @ Robert,

          Thanks for the offer. If I have more problems with the STL files, and they are not security restricted then I will send them to you.
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