How to check center to face of a 45 degree plumbing fitting?

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  • How to check center to face of a 45 degree plumbing fitting?

    At work we have an older brown and sharp cmm running pc dmis 2019

    the machine only runs in manual mode, it is erratic when running automatic programs

    I don’t know anything about programming it, I’m trying to find a good tutorial or class.

    anyway, I’m trying to find the F1 and F2 dimensions . Any help is appreciated.

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    Just a plain socket fitting no threads? Alignment could be done a few different ways but I would level to one cylinder, rotate to the other, and put datum on the face at the end you used to level from.
    Levelling to a face would probably get you by, but you are assuming they are perpendicular to do that...

    1) probe both sockets as cylinders
    2) probe both faces as planes
    3) set a workplane that gives you a view like that dwg
    4) constuct a point at the intersecton of the two cylinders
    5) check the distance from each face to the constructed point using 3d shortest distance... gives you the face to the bend point

    if you want from the socket bottom then probe that as a the plane not the face


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