Position of an angled thru hole

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  • Position of an angled thru hole

    Hi guys, I’m still fairly new to programming, I’ve been to the basic class so bare with me. How would I go about finding the position of the angled minor diameter, would I need to make a separate offset alignment for every hole I need to check?
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    If you know the proper location and vector of the hole, CAD would help, then one alignment to the datums would suffice. Just make sure the deviation perpendicular to centerline option is on. If you are just programing to the print, then the best way would be to rotate and offset the alignment to make each hole X 0, Y 0. and square to the alignment. That's the old school method for angled holes, but with CAD it isn't needed.
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      To add clarification to Schrocknroll statement, if you are using XactMeasure dimensioning with CAD then shifting/rotating the alignment is not strictly necessary (although a lot of people still prefer to do it anyway). If you are using legacy dimensioning - with or without a CAD model - then you MUST shift and rotate your alignment so that it is centred on the theoretical hole location and looking down the hole theoretical vector.

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      I don't use XactMeasure that much so I forgot about that option. Good point.

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    Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it. I am using XactMeasure, after hearing your input I have a better understanding now.


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