Programs not populating the "Recent" bar.

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  • Programs not populating the "Recent" bar.

    When I open a program, it does not show up in my recent. The same programs keep showing up under recent, granted they're the "most recent" ones at that point. But if I open up "Program_X.PRG" and run it, save it, close to the main menu, the "recent" area still lists all of the prior programs. Even after closing Dmis and even restarting my computer, that same programs populate the "recent"

    I just ran Updater and installed the newest update, but that didn't change anything.

    2020 R1 SP5

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    Do you have admin rights on that computer? I believe that information is stored in the registry settings and if PC-DMIS. I don't have full admin rights, but our IT tech granted us permissions to the part of the registry that PC-DMIS needs to write to.
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      This ^^

      I believe the MRU list is saved in the registry, so admin rights are necessary.

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      Yes, at least I should be. Maybe something got FUBAR'd when we did an update??

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