Transferring Alignment Point to Side 2

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  • Transferring Alignment Point to Side 2

    So I am needing a 2 setup program, but cannot hit one of the Datum Target Points on the 2nd side. My thought was to take a point that I measure on the first side and remeasure that same point on the second side, and then offset point that to construct the datum point. But that correlation point is going to have deviation, so how do I take the deviation out of the equation so I offset to correct location? Thanks.

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    OK, stepped away for a few minutes and think I figured it out.

    Assigned a Variable to the Point I measured on the 2nd side, then created an offset point with the offset value being V1.X-V1.X.DEV+(X Offset Value), V1.Y-V1.Y.DEV+(Y Offset Value), V1.Z-V1.Z.DEV+(Z Offset Value). Calculation resolves at the correct location for my datum point.

    However, I know that getting it right offline can be drastically different when I go to measure a part with real world variation. Any input from your experience would still be appreciated. If not, there's a reason we do prove outs in slow speed, hehehe, live and learn, often by mistakes. Thanks.


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      For this, I would recommend an "equate alignment".
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      • Woody S
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        Thanks Dan, always up for new tools in my toolbox. Just read up on it and tried it out. What I don't like about that is that it moved all the points, constructions, etc. from Side 1 to my new model, and as it's in a different orientation, they don't align and make a mess. I suppose I could have Side 2 as a seperate program, and save / recall the alignment from Side 1 to equate.

      • DAN_M
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        The whole point of an equate alignment is to measure the part in two separate positions. It the programmer to strategically have the part sitting such that your datums are reachable in both positions so you can relate features probed in position two back to stuff on position one and etc

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