Finding a holes existence.

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  • Finding a holes existence.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm in need for your help and guidance.

    I have a part with quite many holes.
    Some off them are connected with each other, as it is with a valve

    I would like to shorten my program, and my report, so I'd like to know if a short hole has connection with one of the deeper hole, where my probes are to short to reach the buttom off.
    I am using the "Marked Sets"-funktion to measure the compliete valve (not the deep holes), so that the CNC-programmer can see that everything is ok, by checking the values of the hole depth.
    But my operators who is making periodical measurements off the parts don't have the interrest off the values, but only whant's to know whether there is connection or not.

    Is that possible, if yes; how do I do that?

    Best regards

    -- o --
    PC-DMIS CAD Ver. 2019 R1 SP5
    DEA Global - 09-15-08
    Renishaw PH10MQ w/ TP200 & SCR200-Rack

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    First thought is use the hole vectors as 3d lines and do a 3D shortest distance between them... if the holes intersect at all that distance must be less than hole radius, and will give you mismatch

    you need to probe the holes as cylinders but this can easily work I think


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      If you mean one hole might not be deep enough then you'd need a hit on hole bottom... i would try construct the theoretical intersection using theo hole vectors, construct a point there. Then take a measured point with tbe same theos and compare it to the constructed to see if it is beyond that pr falls short...and probe it with a large prehit/search


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        Fundamentally that covers you I think, but there are better folks here with code to help you from there


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          Maybe if you just want it to report yes/no if the short hole is deep enough, just compare hole depth to a defined minimum hole depth... if that is possible it should be fairly easy, but sort of assumes you know where the long hole is


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            Do I have the record yet for fragmented multiple replies in forum?


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