PCDMIS 2020 R1 Disk Probe Calibration

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  • PCDMIS 2020 R1 Disk Probe Calibration

    We just updated our system with new hard drives with PCDMIS 2020 R1 - I can't get any of our Disk probes to calibrate properly. I have never had this issue before. I was able to go in and repick up the tool holder and calibration all our other probes, except for these. Anyone else experience this issue???

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    I just checked my disk and they are calibrating just fine using PCD 2020 R1. Did you get all your prob files to move over?
    2024 can't get here soon enough!!!


    • TeresaPV
      TeresaPV commented
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      Probe profiles moved over without a hitch, picked up the tool holders on both machines - no problems. Calibration of all the other probes no problem, it just can't figure out where the disk probe is or what size. So I am moving X Y Z coordinates around .010 at a time. I have gotten closer, but still no sucess.

    • ogcharliebrown
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      Have you contacted Hexagon? Checking the probe build looks OK. I believe this is above my pay scale.

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    I have tried every trick I know, so it's time to contact Hexagon. I'll let you know what I find out!


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      Will it let you do a manual calibration? That would overwrite measured values to the probe file, then it might calibrate in DCC if you do not reset measured values to theo


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