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  • PC-DMIS Using All Available RAM

    Hey Guys,

    My coworker who operates our Hexagon CMM complained to me that PC-DMIS was running unbearably slow. I found out that it was using 96% of the total RAM. I closed it and reopened, and it was normal at first. Very slowly, it starts creeping up total ram usage. In about 15 minutes, it was back at 96%. Doesn't matter what inspection plan is open. She said nothing out of ordinary happened, just started doing this the other day. Has anyone ever had this issue? Computer was provided by Hexagon around September last year, it has 16GB or RAM

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    I assume that you are running 2019/2020? This is an issue that I've seen appear many times. The one fix that I've been able to do is to open Settings Editor, and perform a Reset User.

    This will reset your custom settings, so use with caution.


    • RanDawgg
      RanDawgg commented
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      Where exactly is settings editor? I don't know enough about PC-DMIS, and in all the settings I could find, I saw nothing about resetting a user.

    • JacobCheverie
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      RanDawgg Shut down PC-DMIS, navigate to the directory that PC-DMIS is stored in (C:\Program Files\Hexagon\*Your Version*\) and open SettingsEditor.exe. You may want to check out some other options that have been posted here before performing Reset User.

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    The following thread also has some possible things to try.



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      Simply put, computers sold by Hexagon is overpriced and underpowered, This post will probably get deleted, but is the truth. They give you the bare minimum to run their software. If it's a Dell you can add more RAM through Dell, look and see if you have a HDD or SSD. Hexagon preaches to have a SSD <<<<I do too, The computer they sold the company I work for bought everything Brand New 8 months ago, Came with an HDD, I bought an SSD, and a cloning device from amazon for $20 bucks cloned the drive, and put that in there, runs faster, but still 16GB Ram still struggles 2 GB video Quadro, choppy at times. They sold him a Lenovo, the computers are like Dell only certain brands of Ram can work for Best Buys bottom of the barrel computers. The most important things to have a healthy computer, in my experience, are SSD, 3GB or more Video Card, and more RAM
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      • A-machine-insp
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        KIRBSTER269 The temptation is there...

      • Peter Fuller
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        You know it all depends on what you ask for when you order.

      • KIRBSTER269
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        Peter Fuller Before I came to this company I'm at, the owner bought a CMM package, New Machine <<<undersized for what he produces, bare minimum computer <<<junk Lenovo, a Plate that doesn't even bolt down to the table<< you can align 1 bolt didn't even cover the travel of the machine. He didn't have the knowledge of what he needed, and went off the salesman's suggestion, and to add it wasn't about money, this guy spends top dollar for everything. I guess my point is maybe the sales people need to be educated a little more and dig into what customers need instead of just trying to make a sale. This is just one of many examples of many, that I have come across in my time. Not my first computer from Hexagon, many stories. PC-DMIS has enough problems, maybe stick with its issues before unloading other problems onto customers. How about you share what's in your computer with everyone and tells us why you have so much power on your computer, I'm not taking this out on you Peter, Just responding

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