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  • Scanned feature graphical report

    How to display magnified deviations resulting from a scan? For example; if I scan a bore, I would like to be able to graphically display any measured deviations from a perfect circle or cylinder, and ideally a graphic indicator of any values outside of a preset range.

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    Insert => Report Command => Analysis
    If you don't know how to create Analysis press F1 when in Analysis screen. This will give you good start.


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      Turn on CADGRAPH=BOTH or CADGRAPH=ON for the dimension (it sounds like you will want to use a cylindricity dimension for this) you want to show the arrows for and set the MULT to a value that displays the arrows at the desired size.

      Orient the view in the Graphics Display Window how you want it to be shown in your report.

      Put the cursor in the code at the end of this dimension.

      Go to Insert>Report Command>Create Viewset and give it a name

      Go to Insert>Report Command>Recall Viewset and recall the viewset you just created.

      Go to Insert>Report Command>Screen Capture.

      Creating the viewset will force the view to be the same every time the program runs so the picture will always be the same size/orientation in all of your reports.

      You can create as many viewsets as you want and have as many screen captures as you want.



      • Obelix
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        Wouldn't be easier to create Analysis, you can set views there.

      • Mike Ruff
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        There are multiple ways to do it. I prefer the way I specified because it's easier for me to edit the way it looks within the code. Also it's more customizable. I like to use this method to place pictures of the deviation arrows in reports to help identify trends

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