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  • Alignment Question

    Can anyone explain how to align this part to A-D B C. See print attached. PCDMIS Help Image.JPG
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    I'm assuming the D target areas aren't coplanar to A, still no problem. You need to create an offset plane for A-D, that will be the primary, a line through the axis indicated for both B slots. Between those two features , if A-D were facing up, you'd have the level, Z origin, X axis (B), Y origin, so you'd use C as the X origin (they actually show that the way the leaders are drawn).


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      Thanks RandomJerk, Can you elaborate on the offset plane A-D. How can that be accomplished?


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        Creating a offset plane
        Constructed plane > drop down "offset plane" > click offsets > calculate offsets > set your vector > Calculate > ok > create
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          My eyes are awful and I cant read whats on the print. However I do have a GD&T question on this same subject. When in a FCF and it calles out something like POS|Ø.2|A-B|C, this is asking that you take the position of the hole or slot or whatever back to A and B simultaneously and not individually, correct? My GD&T is not the greatest and I have been working on it for about 6 months now, some of the stuff is just super hard for me wrap my head around

          Thanks in advance.


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            Without being able to see and read the entire print.... and knowing certain OEM 'designers' the way I do (and what I have to deal with)....

            There should be a fixture for this. Nets & clamps and Pins and so forth.

            Align the fixture. Load the part on the "B" and "C" (4-way & 2-way) and clamp all the "A" nets. There should be (and it is forgotten 90+% of the time) a callout for a free-state check for the "D". Once you check the "D" datum to A-B-C, clamp D and check the rest of the part.
            Originally posted by AndersI
            I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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              Matt Hoedeman, you are exactly correct. There is a free state check to D and two clamps to lock on that surface.


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