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    I'm curious, has anyone gotten an Online & Offline License running on the same computer?


    Does anyone have a setup where a shortcut for online is created as well as one for Offline? Using PCD 2020

    PC-DMIS 2010 MR3
    B&S Global Advantage 7-10-7
    TesaStar - SP25
    Houston, TX

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    I'm not at my computer right now, but I think you can create a new shortcut for pc dmis, right click and go to properties, then at the end of the target you can add a space then /f it will open in offline mode. If your license is online, you would have to go into the program install folder and rename a file named "interfac.dll" to anything else. interfacX.dll


    • pguillory
      pguillory commented
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      This worked perfectly! Thanks a ton man. Very easy workaround.

    • SingularitY
      SingularitY commented
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      No problem. Glad to help.

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