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  • 4.1 custom report

    Trying to create a custom report, similar to a hyperreport in earlier versions.
    This example has two text boxes.


    But nothing gets to the report. Any ideas why not?

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    Just a quick question, are you trying to send data to an actual Hyper Report created in v3.7 or earlier (file type. rpt), or are you trying to send data to a report template (file type .rtp)? Your command shows a .RPT which would mean you would need a hyper report file. Please note that v4.0 and higher does not support the creation or editing of hyper reports. Hyper reports (as far as being used for part setup instructions etc) is now replaced by the new Form Editor.

    If you are using a template report, use a .rtp template file. Also, note that as soon as part program execution finishes, all object variables inside the final report revert to their default values. So if you are passing a value by a parameter as shown here it will not show up in your report window... you will need to send the report automatically to a printer or a file to capture the changed text property.

    Good luck!
    Jared Hess - PC-DMIS Documentation Team Lead @ HMI
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      I am trying to use a .rtp template file. The template does get updated and does print out the correct information if I send it to the printer, however, it also prints out an addition template with the default values. If I select a pdf file, the default values are the only thing printed.


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        Hmm. I'm not sure why it does print the default values sometimes along with the changed values. I noticed that in my tests with 4.1 as well. But it didn't happen all the time for me, either and I was able to get a PDF file to print successfully with changed values.

        I'll check and see if it's happening inside 4.2 as well or if that's just something weird going on with 4.1.
        Jared Hess - PC-DMIS Documentation Team Lead @ HMI
        [View 2008 Reporting Tutorials Here]


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