Offset saved qualification sphere location?

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  • Offset saved qualification sphere location?

    I have a CMM with a nice labeled fixture plate on it. The sphere is always in the same hole and I use autocalibrations at the beginning of every program. I really like this system because the operator can calibrate without having to touch the jogbox or sphere.

    I am writing a new program with a funky long probe and I am realizing that I will have to move my sphere location for this part's calibration. I will have to give my operator a picture and a specific hole to screw the sphere into.

    Is there a way to recall the sphere's usual location and offset it to the new spot so the machine can pick the sphere via YES THE SPHERE HAS MOVED DCC/DCC instead of me having my operators take a manual point to learn the new position?

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    I would probably handle this by having two spheres built in the tool file and controlling which location by parameter sets.
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      oh thats good! i should have thought of that.

      thanks i'll give that a try

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    You could also create a second sphere at the second location (same sphere, but with another name and another location, then create a parameter set with this name, and work like you do now.
    In fact, just what Peter Fuller said, I thought he purposed buying another sphere !!!!!!


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      Peter Fuller JEFMAN Thanks for the help guys, made a physically identical sphere and named it "QUALSPHERE_POS2" and used that in the parameter set and it worked well.


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