A Couple Noob CMM Questions

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  • A Couple Noob CMM Questions

    1. Fastest way to measur countersink diameter?
    Cone - Plane - construct circle?
    Or can you do it some other way?

    2. And for the depth and theres a "countersink" down the bore. Do you also have to measure it as cylinder - cone - construct circle to get lenght?
    Or line - line intersection maybe? (for 15).

    tips n tricks pls lovely summer mi friends
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    No construction required if you use the plane as a sample feature, cone diameter will report at that plane if I recall... while since I used it but using sample feature gave me diameter I'm thinking


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      I like to do cone with a separate plane and create a intersection circle. I have a bit of a habit of making as many features as possible and just constructing later. It is easier to see where deviation is happening in my opinion.

      I think technically you could create all of these features if you had the right probe and the features were large enough to get good data on. BUT, sometimes I think it is faster and easier to handmic certain features and I think the depth of a drilled hole is much easier measured with calipers and a gage pin.
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