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    How to implement >< modifier?

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    >< is an ISO modifier that means the datum it is applied to only constrains direction. You would have to create the alignment yourself and use legacy dimensions. Each segment of the control frame would have to be done as a separate dimension - i.e. one dimension for the profile and another one (to a different alignment) for position.

    For the profile, your alignment would level to datum CZ and then rotate to datum AA. Since there is no tertiary datum, you would then need to 2D, translation only bestfit (vector minmax) your profile feature before dimensioning its 0.05 profile to the active alignment.

    For the position, you would level to AA and then 2D translate & rotate to your feature before dimensioning its 0.1 position in the active alignment.
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      Heads up!
      CZ means "combined zone" and thus not a datum. The primary datum is still AA (no secondary/primary).
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      • neil.challinor
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        OK, my mistake. I didn't spot that there was no line between the 0.05 and the CZ - I blame 25+ years of computer use and staring at black text with white backgrounds for 8 hours a day.

        What I said still stands except that as vpt.se says, the level for the top segment is datum AA - level only, no origin since the >< dictates that it only constrains direction. Also, if common zone is invoked, there must be more than one feature / surface making up AA so will need to construct a set out of all the surfaces / features that apply.

      • vpt.se
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        No worries neil.challinor , it happens to all of us!

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      Thanks for the reply!

      But there is another mistake, common zone is applied to a measured feature and not for datum AA


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