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    So I've done a little more testing, the problem seems to be related to my use of a feature set of points. If I use just one plane for that profile tolerance to A and B, it calculates fine. But when I use a feature set, that's when it gets all crazy with the "rotation about x" datum shift.


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      I got it to work! I still feel like there is an issue with the way PC-DMIS is calculating the datum shift in this circumstance. But at least it's no longer an issue for this program.

      The only thing I changed was to include "TOP_PLANE", the auto plane that I used in alignment A4, into the "OUTSIDE_SET" feature set that I'm using for the profile dimension. I had forgotten to add that plane in before. I don't understand why that would be required for the profile to work though, there are plenty enough other points around the three other sides part to do a "best fit" alignment of the rotation about X. Adding that plane just gave it points around all four sides of the part.

      Anyway, thank you everyone for your help!


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