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  • Radial seperation Value

    Hi All,

    As per the title, anyone heard about the term "Radial Separation Value" during a Sphere measurement?

    Thanks in Advance.

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    I think Zeiss used to call it Chebyshev's method. Technically, it is a Chebyshev method.

    This is anecdotal, I think I once verified this, but I can't recall. MRS is the method that is supposed to be used when calculating roundness per the ANSI standard. But I could be wrong.


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      As RandomJerk said, it's Chebychev's method, so Minsep on PC-DMIS.
      From taylor Hobson
      Minimum Zone Reference Circles (MZCI)It is defined as two concentric circles positioned toenclose the measured profile such that their radialdeparture is a minimum. The Out-of-Roundnessvalue is then given as the radial separation of the two circles.


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        Thanks for the responses.

        RandomJerk Now I am using the Zeiss machine too, Will look into it.

        JEFMAN Thanks for the link.


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