Scanning and program looping the part

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  • Scanning and program looping the part

    Hi All.

    I've running a batch of 10 parts in a fixture and I've successively looped my program to run all 10. The only issue I have is with the linear open scan.

    I'm currently scanning the part with an SP25. The Nominals method is set at FINDNOMS like normal with the tolerance at 2mm however when the program moves to the 2nd part, it is unable to find the nominals from the second part onwards on the scan only. It appears that the program is still stuck at the original datum however the program runs through all parts.

    All alignments that are contained in the loop are set to use active alignment.

    Thanks for looking

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    Edit...Operation...Graphic Display Window...Transform

    At the top left click "Keep Original", then translate to where the next sample in the fixture is. Hit apply, close.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.


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      Thanks for th reply

      I am still unable to get the scan to work after the first part from following the instruction.

      I've clicked keep original and translated the part. This has duplicated the cad origin to the pattern part position but still having problems. I'm doing this after the program has been wrote


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        Have you tried rewriting that feature again. Have you checked path lines to see where the probe goes.
        It will stick if you throw it hard enough.


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