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  • Weird error message

    Got a weird error message on PC-DMIS. Not sure what it's about, but I'm not having any problem running the software. Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this and how to fix it.
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    Do you know what external command was being executed from the code? That might help us help you. I see a prompt in the background that says that execution paused in order to spawn a process. That comes from an external command in the program.
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      Looks like a Datapage+ error message to me. Make sure both PC-Dmis and the .exe you are launching are set to run as administrator.
      Neil Challinor
      PC-DMIS Product Owner

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      • dcoss
        dcoss commented
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        Yes, I think it is a Datapage error. How can I make sure that they are both set to run as administrator and that they do that every time they are executed? There is a line of code that we use to save to Datapage, but I never mess with the software itself, so I don't even know if it's running in the background or if it launches every time it reads that code.

      • neil.challinor
        neil.challinor commented
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        Right click on the .exe, properties,compatability, tick the "run this program as administrator" box. If you're running windows 10 you will need to navigate to the PCDLRN.exe in the install folder (usually C;\program files\hexagon\pc-dmis\version. On older systems (windows 7) you can right click from the start menu.

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      I ran PC-DMIS in Administrator mode and I'm still getting the error.


      • neil.challinor
        neil.challinor commented
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        Did you also set the .exe that the external command is launching to run as administrator. If I remember correctly it will be called some thing like datapagestats.exe and you should be able to see the file path in the external command.

      • Peter Fuller
        Peter Fuller commented
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        Neil is 100% correct here, you need to find the "datapagestats.exe" file that you're trying to launch in PC-DMIS and in the compatibility settings in the Windows properties change it to "run as administrator" for all users. You should enlist the help of your IT department.

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