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  • Can't Make Custom Report

    I'm in the middle of Level 3 class, offline and virtual with an instructor. We are working on custom reports. I'm following along with the lab but I'm missing the white box that is referenced in the lab. My offline seat just show the black background. I can drag things onto it but it wont make a report. I went to file, reporting, new, custom report.

    The lab actually says to use the report window icon and click the custom report icon. The same toolbars pop up and there is a white box but I can't resize it. My instructor is researching this as well.

    I wonder if I screwed something up.

    Any ideas?
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    Have you made sure your page size is set to "Letter"?
    Edit > Layout > Properties > Drop down on properties and select report > Page size | Letter
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      that did it. thanks a million!

      edit: White box appears but its still small. With the ruler toggled on, the width is about 2 inches and I still can't resize it. I'm using my offline seat so maybe it will work on an actual CMM PC.
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        4K high res monitor? You could try setting the monitor resolution to the pcdmis standard 1920 x 1080 to see if it helps. You can also try File/Reporting/New/Custom Report to see if that does something different.


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          @acgarcia No problem! Happy to help!
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