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  • Not understanding LOADMACHINE


    A colleague reached out to me and told me about the auto -position in the F5 menu.

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    Using PCD 2020 R1 SP3.

    Am writing an offline program that will be used on a Hexagon SF_7107.

    I am attempting to use LOADMACHINE and I'm not really understanding what it is doing.

    -When I use the command, the CMM on the screen is in the incorrect spot relative to the trihedron of my part. "Machine model" imported slightly inside of and way too far forward in the Y axis.

    --How do i translate the image of the machine in my graphic display window so I know everything is in the correct spot when I go to run this on my real machine? Are there values on my online software seat that I should be plugging into my offline seat so everything syncs up? I'll be using an external alignment to find the part, don't want to crash.


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    I believe the machine is part of the Quick Fixture mode, you'll be able to move the machine and any fixtures to match up where you need it. It could be reversed, also, I never use the machine...


    • DAN_M
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      I never use the machine model either. I want to try to use it for this one project because I have a part that is pushing the size limitations of my CMM (I calculate roughly 0.5" clearance around the workpiece). You're not seeing the part on the fixture (suppressed due to ITAR) but it is a large component for an aircraft engine.

    • RandomJerk
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      DAN_M good plan, just be sure the loaded machine's envelope is correct. Last place had huge 12.25.10, but if I loaded that looking to see if I was safe, the Y wasn't 25, it was 20. But yeah, if you go into quick fixture mode (I think it's F6, or to the right of the other modes on the toolbar) a new menu bar will pop up someplace. You don't need to use that, though, you can just right click on the screen and select the move parameters. This one I can't stress deeply enough, however - turn off the rotate option. I would do this virtually every time - 1) right click, select XY only, then move the assy over the machine. Right click again, select "Drop" - this will drop the fixtrue to the top of the machine. Then you just XY move it to where you want it.

      Also, I forgot. There's a checkbox on when you load the machine that allows you to show measurement volume - that may be what you're looking for.
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