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  • CSV is not correct

    I'm trying to create a CSV but the settings I'm using through PCD2 EXCEL aren't working. I'm using MR1 2012 with a global classic CMM. At the moment I have 2 choices, neither of which work for our purposes. In the format that makes the CSV look nice and neat, it does not show any Feature Control Frame Dimensions, probably because "ignore FCF" box in PCD2Excel is checked. When that box is unchecked all dimensions are reported multiple times with numbers that don't always make sense. It also has an "E" in some cells to denote scientific notation which doesn't show up in our regular reports and is not what we want in our exported data. I'm stuck right now and I'm looking for a solution that does not involve creating variables for every dimension of all past and future programs, and linking them to tracefield for "easier reporting". Please don't make me open that can of worms . Thanks.

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    you can use "Output Configuration" / "Excel output" / CSV


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      When i go to File > Export > Excel> Configure- then select the settings to output as CSV. The best i can do is as i described above. It's my understanding that PCD2 Excel program is the same as going through the file path. Is there a different area to create an "output Configuration" as you describe? Thanks for your help.


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        To be clear, I've seen a fair amount about going to file/printing/report window print setup but the only output option available are for RTF or PDF files.


        • Mike Ruff
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          When you open the Report Window Print Setup, it will default to the Report tab, but there should be a DMIS tab and an Excel tab. You want the Excel tab. I'm using 2015.1, but I'm pretty sure this should be available in 2012. HTH

        • Darius11
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          Yeah, I'm also using 2015.1 and there is. About 2012 I'm not sure. What I meant is, open program, place cursor at end of program, then click enter, then type PRINT, then click enter. After second click in program will appear printing setting which could be edited. I am not sure it going trough PCD2Excel or not.
          Two years ago I did use script to export data to CSV and then import to excel FAIr file (pc dmis 2015). Now I'm using SCRIPT to save results to PDF end excel. PDF pretty much standard output. Output to Excel have all formats as in drawing (10+/-0.2, [10+/-0.2], (10+/-0.2), 9.8-10.2, 9.8+0.4) and it looks very nice, plus appending results of measurements of the same part and same operation. If you looking for just "nice and neat" output could be worth to consider script.

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