L probe calibration setup

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  • L probe calibration setup

    Hi guys this is Siva .I'm trying to calibrate L-probe Im not sure how to set the sphere any one help me.

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    If the probe is correctly defined, you don't have to set the sphere, PC-DMIS should calibrate fine...


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      As mentioned by Jefman, the probe definition is the key for the calibration. Master sphere and its properties doesn't have any effect on the probe type.

      Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty
      Metrology Software Applications Specialist,
      Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


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        One thing you need to make sure of is that if you are manually touching off the sphere to establish location, you touch in the direction of the probe. If you're using T2A0B0, for example, you would touch off on the left side of the sphere, not the top.


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          1) Make sure probe build is properly defined to PC DMIS.
          2) Make sure qualification artifact is properly defined to PC DMIS.
          3) Make sure the operator takes the correct vector hit on the sphere when beginning the qualification cycle

          Once you have gone through the above & still have an issue, or if you're confused about how to troubleshoot any of the above, please let us know.


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