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  • Alignment has me stumped!

    Can't post a picture of the part, but image cutting a tube in half and bending it approximately 60 degrees toward z plus on each end so its pretty much a V shape. In a Zplus work plane, my x minus side is cylinder datum A, my x plus side is also a cylinder Datum B, so I tried an iterative alignment using the fixture its sitting in for my leveling points but when I rotated the two cylinders, then created a line between the two cylinders as my origin it didn't turn out so well. Never had to mess with cylinders much at all was wondering what you guys think, or if I should just 3d best fit no rotation to both cylinders. The initial alignment I am aligning iteratively to the 3 tooling balls on the fixture. Also not sure if using legacy would be better than Xact on this particular part using 2015 cad++ sheetmetal part.
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    The initial alignment I am aligning iteratively to the 3 tooling balls on the fixture
    if you have done this right then just start measuring the detail. that's the whole point of having a fixture and aligning it.

    Are the any need for aligning the part? if so measure the ends circle whit sample hits the 2 cylinder and make a intersection point use for alignment circles and the intersection point.(iterative)

    The are many ways to do this, but to think about is that when you do iterative alignment, you don`t move the coordinate system its stay where you have it from the beginning. and the elements get the right distance from it.


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