Can't get the analysisview to orient the right way in report

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  • Can't get the analysisview to orient the right way in report

    in my report the analysisview is showing like it is in z- view and i need it to show in the z+ view. how can I get it to stay that way? I have tried rotating it but it always goes back to the way in the picture. confusing.
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    After you open the analysis view and rotate to how you want it, do you go back to the menu bar and hit "create analysis view" before exiting?


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      that got it. thanks for your help.


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        Perhaps someone will tell you how to make the graphical report on the measurement of profiles or roundness updated independently ? Until now, every time I have to delete a line from the program’s display code (otherwise it gives the previous graphical analysis), return to the analysis window and save it in the report.


        • Douglas
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          you just need to do what SingularitY says above, without that command the analysis view will not update on the next part, do that and it will update

        • Obelix
          Obelix commented
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          Under Options, did you select "Save Graphics Image to Report" or "Create/Save Analysis View Command"
          First one would save that image to all future measurements, second one will create new analysis for every measurement.

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