Removing Edge Point Approach Lines

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  • Removing Edge Point Approach Lines

    Is there a way to use Edge points without the perpendicular approach vector indicated by the arrow in the picture? I have been digging through the documentation and can't seem to find it.


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    Do two points. Use the "surface" point actual Z height as an input for the "edge" point. Something like " surface.z.meas - 0.2" in either the Theo or Target Z field. Not sure if that's the exact code but should be similar. Pain in the butt if you'd need to do a bunch of points but doable. ...... Had to create an edge point like feature in another software years ago and that basically what I did then.


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      Setting sample hits to 0 will eliminate the sample hit on the surface if that is what you are looking for?? Also as kingsld1 mentioned you can use 2 vector points. One vector point on the surface near the edge and the 2nd point on the edge with relative measure turned on and referencing the vector point on the surface.



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        Sample hits is set to zero. I am not interested in the surface here, I just want the trim edge. I resorted to a vector point but then lose the depth setting.


        • VinniUSMC
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          An edge point without a surface sample hit is just a vector point. The edge point would attempt to hit at the nominal value, since there is no sample hit to set the depth. This is exactly what a vector point would do for you. The sample hit on the surface is how the edge point knows the depth. So, use the surface sample hit, or 2 vector points with auto-relative measure, if the depth is important (or if the edge moves so much that you need the depth to get it to hit right).

        • BrianG
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          Except that the vector point doesn't put that extra vertical approach line in there. I would like to use Edge Point to control the depth but that puts a lot of unnecessary moves in my program...

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