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  • Multiple machine profiles on one computer

    I have two CMM's that have very different probe setups. One of them is kept fairly busy throughout the day and one is usually free for me to write programs. Is there a way for me to load the machine profile of the "busy machine" and write programs with my other computer? I know I can write programs on one and open them up in the other and make changes (such as probe tips) as needed and go from there. I would really like to be able to write a program for my "busy machine" from my "free machine/computer" and be good to run without having to update probe tips etc.
    Any advise is always greatly appreciated.

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    You just need to have a copy of the probe files on each machine. If they dont share any common names you are good to go. By adding the probe files you really shouldn't need to worry about anything else. You tool changer if you have 1 will not care that you have other probe files as they will not be assigned to the changer because they really " dont exist " on that machine. You will get an error about them not being calibrated though. It will not keep you from programming.

    If you share common names for probes and the builds are different on different machines ? I would start looking at changing that as it will only get worse down the road later when you have more programs...


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      your opening up a can of worms by having a different machine settings imported to a wrong machine but I suppose you can do it in the settings editor make a back up from the one machine and put it on the other machine but I highly suggest that you dont
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        Why don't you copy your probe tips to the open machine. Then when you open them in the busy machine just add an optional probe command before the 1st load probe command.
        schlag beat me to it.


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          never even thought of just adding a copy of the probe file. That should do just what I need. Thanks


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