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  • Runing Scans offline

    Morning all,

    This has always bugged me, when you run a scan offline, in this case a linear open scan, the feature on the graphical window does not go back to the CAD.

    If you happen to break the scan out to points and run this offline, everything get linked back to the CAD like normal.

    The nominals on either the Scan and the points are corrected to CAD nominal in both cases so they will always measure right when run online.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Offline scans seem like they have always been wonky...


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      As Schlag said, offline scanning gets wonky, especially if the program is being run offline after having been run online with the CMM.

      If you generate all the scans offline, and then run it offline, I'm guessing the scan hits look normal? For some PC-Dmian reason, scan data seems to be stored in the Machine Coordinate system, rather than the part's. I've noticed that the deviations I see if I look at the hit data seems to correlate with the difference in the CMM Origin, and the Part's Origin.

      Hopefully you don't have Graphic Analysis turned on, or that'll use up your whole screen with arrows 10 or 20, maybe 50 inches long... Actually, turn it on just for giggles!


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